Interior Design for Offices in Tarragona: An Impact on your Wellbeing

Today we want to talk to you about the impact of office interior design on your workers.. We all know that the office environment is crucial for well-being and work efficiency.. But, Did you know that it can also have an impact on your physical health??

One of the prominent researchers in this field is the Swedish architect Danielsson Christina Bodin. The architect works both as a practicing architect and as a researcher.. She is a professor and researcher in the interaction between humans and the environment at the School of Architecture of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, as well as at other universities in Sweden and abroad. As a practicing architect, specializes in how physical environments influence behavior, the psychology and well-being of people at an individual and group level in architectural design projects. Your practical work also includes managing change in relation to the physical environment. His research focuses on the impact of architecture on people in various areas., like schools, work places, health facilities and urban environments. It has a special focus on How the office environment affects employees and organizations.

His doctoral thesis at Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology concluded that we feel better in activity-based environments. In fact, It's even better than having a completely private office, since it has been shown that reduces stress and reduces sick days.

The explanation is simple: when we have the ability to choose how and where we sit, we feel safer and more satisfied than if we were assigned a specific place. The possibility of choosing a work environment based on the task we are performing also makes us more efficient.

In general, interior design is much more important than many people can imagine. When employees feel positive about their work environment, They also feel more committed to their employer. This may seem obvious, But how often do we find companies that do not give due importance to this area??

In Styling and Furniture, We understand the importance of comprehensive office design. We focus on a holistic perspective that encompasses interior design solutions, including the furniture, Sound, the lighting, color and technology. We know that each component plays an essential role in the overall success of your workspace..

Benefits of Interior Design for Offices in Tarragona with Styling and Furniture:

  1. Wellbeing and productivity: Our design experts will create an environment that promotes the well-being of your employees and increases their productivity.
  2. Personalized spaces: We adapt the design to the specific needs of your company, taking into account the tasks performed and the dynamics of your team.
  3. Ergonomic design: We carefully select ergonomic furniture and accessories to ensure the comfort and health of your employees.
  4. Aesthetic harmony: We create a pleasant and aesthetically attractive environment that reflects the identity of your company and generates a good impression on clients and visitors..

Transform your office into an inspiring space

In Styling and Furniture, we are passionate about helping you create an exceptional interior design for your office in Tarragona. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your workplace into an inspiring, health-promoting space., the productivity and well-being of your employees.

Remember, interior design makes the difference. Make your office a place where your employees feel motivated and happy to work!!