mobiliario geriatrico geriatria residencias (2)

Geriatric furniture in Tarragona – senior residence design

We design all types of spaces for residences and senior centers with the best geriatric furniture in Tarragona. Our designs are based on geriatric furniture adapted for the comfort and well-being of older people..

Geriatric furniture

We base each design on furniture ideal for the elderly.. We design functional spaces, comfortable and durable for the enjoyment of the elderly.

Functionality and durability

The pillars of our selection of geriatric furniture in Tarragona are durability and functionality perfectly integrated into the design of your nursing home or day center..

Custom designs

We create custom projects with personalized designs for all spaces from individual rooms to geriatric furniture, to common areas, shared bedrooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

mobiliario geriatrico geriatria residencias (2)

Geriatric furniture and adapted to elderly people

We design spaces for residences and geriatric centers with the best selection of geriatric furniture perfectly adapted for older people., dependents or disabled people.

Our interior design projects for residences focus on the comfort and well-being of the elderly or disabled person.. To do this, we use furniture expressly designed to improve the quality of life of the elderly or those with mobility problems..

If you want to create a comfortable and durable space for intensive use, feel free to contact our design team.

Samples of school furniture in Tarragona

We present some examples of furniture for educational centers from our catalog.

Design with geriatric furniture for residences

In Styling and Furniture, We have experts in interior design with geriatric furniture who take into consideration all the relevant aspects in the creation of spaces for seniors..

Do you need to design a room for the elderly in Tarragona?

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At Estilisme i Mobiliari we will be happy to advise you to determine the best design for geriatric rooms, day centers, residences, and other rooms for elderly care.

If you want design and functionality at the best price, contact with Styling and Furniture.