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Lockers for changing rooms in Tarragona

We design and install all types of changing rooms con changing room lockers in Tarragona adapted to the needs of your company. office lockers, gym, school, kindergarten, sport Center, production centers, etc.

Metal cabinets

Metal cabinets and lockers for offices and workers' changing rooms. Variety of sizes and colors. Choose the most suitable one for your company.

melamine lockers

The economical and quality solution to design your wardrobe in Tarragona: melamine lockers. We adapt our lockers for any type of melamine locker installation in Tarragona.

Professional installation

We have expert professionals in changing room design and installation of changing room lockers in Tarragona.. We use high quality furniture from the best locker manufacturers.

The best locker room and ticket office projects in Tarragona

Our company is dedicated to office design and business spaces in Tarragona, among which also the design and installation of lockers and changing tables.

Our interior design projects for locker rooms include lockers for companies of the best quality. If you want to create a quality space, gain comfort, improve the image in front of your clients or take care of your workers, choose the Styling and Furniture lockers.

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We create the ideal spaces for your company using locker room furniture of the best quality.

Our projects include the design, transportation, assembly and installation of locker room furniture by experienced professionals.

Examples of ticket offices in Tarragona

We present some examples of installing lockers for changing rooms., gyms, schools (schools, day care centers), etc.

Ticket offices in Tarragona – Safe and aesthetic storage for your office or locker room

If you are looking to transform the style of your office or locker room and improve its comfort, In our catalog of furniture for companies in Tarragona you will find a wide range of professional lockers for offices. Our costume designs in Tarragona They use metal or melamine lockers, along with chairs and changing room benches and other company furniture to create spaces adapted to your needs.

When it comes to lockers for office changing rooms in Tarragona, We have a variety of proposals including non-porous materials such as phenolic or metal lockers.. These options are ideal due to their excellent impact resistance, long-term durability and its ability to resist moisture. We can include lockers made of waterproof materials in your project., fireproof and antibacterial. Besides, The lockers with a dirt-repellent surface facilitate cleaning and hygienic maintenance..

Do you need lockers in Tarragona?

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