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Furniture and design for companies

From furniture sales to complete office furniture projects, hostelry, classrooms in educational centers and nursing homes,

Office furniture in Tarragona

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office design in Tarragona
office design in Tarragona

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Styling and Furniture – furniture for companies in Tarragona

We are a company specialized in office decoration, commercial decoration projects, sale and installation of office furniture in Tarragona province.

We offer innovative solutions and current designs thanks to our continuous updating and collaboration with the best suppliers of business furniture.. Our professionals have extensive experience and will advise you at every step of your project to obtain the offices and business spaces you need to carry out your activity..

What can we do for you?

Our services

Discover the services of Estilisme i Mobiliari and the products we offer for the design and furnishing of offices and spaces for all types of business sectors. We carry out all types of work and furniture supply.

diseño de oficinas en Tarragona

Interior design

Service design and interior design of offices and commercial spaces in Tarragona province. 3D designs, personalized attention to satisfy all the functional and aesthetic needs of the client.

mobiliario para oficinas en Tarragona

Office furniture

We offer a catalog of office furniture in Tarragona with variety of styles. We always look for functionality and aesthetics among the best office furniture suppliers on the market..

accesorios para oficinas en Tarragona

Office accessories

Sale and installation of all types of office accessories. Improve productivity, organize better, maintains order and cleanliness of the office. Optimize the use of your office spaces, room or classroom.

mamaparas para oficinas división de espacios mobiliario de oficina

Division of spaces

Sale and installation of office screens all types. From small individual partitions to large divisions for coworking offices.

We install partitions and office divisions in a variety of materials and finishes.

taquillas para empresas escuelas centros educativos

box office

We offer a varied range of lockers for different applications as use in schools, study centers and nurseries, office use, locker room lockers. Locker furniture is manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes suitable for different sectors..

cabinas fenolicas en Tarragona

Phenolic cabins

Sale and installation of phenolic cabins in Tarragona province. Phenolic cabins are the ideal solution for dividing spaces in changing rooms, Testing booths and shared bathrooms. They are made of materials without porosity, resistant to microorganisms and easy to clean.

mobiliario escolar y para guarderías en Tarragona

School and nursery furniture

We design all types of classrooms, Classrooms, teaching spaces from nursery to adult learning.

Our school furniture and nursery furniture offers functionality and durability at the best price.

mobiliario geriatria en Tarragona residencias ancianos

Geriatrics and residence furniture

The needs of older people and the elderly are different and this includes the adaptation of spaces and furniture. For this reason, at Estilisme i Mobiliari we design spaces for elderly care and geriatric residences with the best geriatric furniture in Tarragona.

aislamiento acústico insonorización

Acoustic isolation

We install acoustic insulation to reduce reverberation and improve acoustics in all types of offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, dining rooms, etc.

Experts in office and commercial space design in Tarragona

We create the ideal space to develop your company's activities. We take care of the furnishing and decoration of offices, waiting room, classrooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, dining rooms, common spaces in hospitality and much more.

Do not hesitate to count on us if you want your company to offer an image of professionalism., modern and, of course, without giving up any practicality.

Advantages of choosing EiM designs and furniture

Discover the main advantages of choosing our design and furniture services for commercial spaces in Tarragona. Estilisme i Mobiliari is always the best choice if you want to create modern offices, functional and that highlight your professionalism.

Personalized design and advice

Projects with 3D preview, advice at every step of the project, solutions adapted to the needs of your company.

Transport, assembly and installation included

Hire your interior design project with furniture, transport, furniture assembly and installation in your company included.

Financing possibilities

Contact our commercial team to consult the financing options for your interior design and furniture project for companies..

What type of clients do we serve??

Design and furniture for companies

Our space design services, sales and installation of furniture for companies are aimed at companies of all types, school centers, nursing homes, centros de coworking (job sharing), companies in the hospitality sector, etc.