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Office screens in Tarragona EiM

We offer the best office screens in Tarragona and space division solutions and office enclosures.

Office enclosures

Office enclosures with glass or glass partitions, wooden screens, aluminum profiles and other types of materials. Check all the possibilities.

Interior division

Interior division, rooms, mini screens, counter screens and more. We design offices with all the interior divisions you need to carry out your activity..

Professional installation

We have expert professionals in installing office enclosures and office screens in Tarragona. We carry out each project with maximum quality and excellent finishes.

The best office screens in Tarragona

We install office enclosures, separation of spaces and glass partitions for offices in Tarragona. Get the ideal office division and space distribution for your company. Create functional spaces, well connected and takes advantage of natural light.


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The details make the difference

Office flooring and accessories

Small details make the difference. Increase productivity with the best office accessories. Increase safety and functionality with technical floors for farms.

Besides, We remind you that attention to detail will always be something your clients appreciate..

We install technical floors for offices of all types. Contact our specialists and we offer you the best solutions for your company.


Examples of office enclosures and screens in Tarragona

We present some examples of installation of office enclosures and office screens in Tarragona.

Office screens according to material

Crystal or glass office partitions

Glass partitions are an ideal option for the layout of modern offices. Currently, It is the preferred option for offices and corporate buildings.

Perhaps the best advantage of using glass office enclosures and partitions is their ability to make the most of natural light.. Using a distribution of spaces created with glass enclosures, it is possible to transform your workplace into a brighter and more energetic space. therefore, Glass office partitions in Tarragona are an excellent option to create an ideal design office to optimize the performance of workers.

Advantages of glass partitions

  • make the most of natural light
  • allow regulating the degree of privacy by the degree of transparency, screen prints, etc.
  • they keep the feeling of space
  • They allow all types of screen printing and vinyl to unify the corporate design.

Wooden office screens

Wooden partitions for offices in Tarragona are perfect for any work environment. This type of screen provides a more traditional look to your office, while achieving a feeling of warmth and elegance. Wooden office screens have been the favorite office enclosures for years in the office design and fitting out industry in Tarragona., thanks to the fact that they fit easily into the design of any office and give it a natural feel.

Advantages of wooden office screens

  • Its presence for many years in the market has led to the development of a variety of different systems and finishes from classic solid wood to MDF panels., melamine ,etc.
  • The multitude of finishes and wood grains offers options for all types of offices and spaces within offices
  • They offer better fire resistance than glass partitions
  • They can be combined with screens or glass enclosures to achieve the ideal balance between modern and classic.

Do you need office enclosures??

Contact us and we will inform you about EiM office screens

Contact our commercial team to create the office that your company needs with office enclosures and office screens in Tarragona.

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