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Phenolic cabins in Tarragona – sanitary cabins

Customized solutions with phenolic cabins in Tarragona for businesses, hospitals, malls, schools, Sport centers, etc. We design spaces with phenolic booths for fitting rooms, change of clothes, office bathrooms, public toilets, bathrooms in establishments and restaurants, etc.

Phenolic cabins

Sanitary cabins that use phenol as the main material. Maximum level of hygiene and minimum porosity. Minimum thickness for maximum use of your available spaces. They are ideal for areas with risk of contamination such as bathroom separation., separation between urinals, etc.

Fitting rooms and changing tables

Phenolic changing tables and fitting rooms are ideal for their ease of cleaning and ease of maintaining hygiene.. This makes them ideal for environments such as clothing stores, hospitals, study centers, gyms, etc.

Custom projects

We have expert professionals in locker room and fitting room design.. We install phenolic cabins in Tarragona with top quality materials assembled by professionals with extensive experience.

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Sale and installation of phenolic cabins in Tarragona

Our company is dedicated to office design and business spaces in Tarragona, among which also the design and installation of phenolic cabins for bathrooms, testers, changing tables, changing rooms, etc.

Our projects interior design for companies They include sanitary cabins or custom-made phenolic cabins, always with the best quality..

If you want to create a safe space that is easy to maintain and durable, choose the phenolic cabins Styling and Furniture.

Examples of phenolic cabins in Tarragona

We present some examples of installation of sanitary cabins and phenolic cabins.

About our phenolic and sanitary cabins

Phenolic sanitary cabins offer a number of significant advantages. Thanks to its non-porous surface, They guarantee a high level of hygiene by preventing the passage of water and not offering a good place for germs to accumulate.. They can be manufactured in reduced thickness panels, which allows you to take advantage of space and place them in any location.

A great additional advantage of sanitary cabins is their low maintenance. They are easy to disinfect, and in a matter of minutes there will be no trace of dirt or bacteria left. Besides, They are durable and maintain their properties for a long time..

They also offer a wide variety of phenolic booth designs in our catalog., to be able to choose the design that best suits your establishment. Finishes can imitate the appearance of wood, present striking colors or have personalized designs. There are multiple options to achieve perfect integration into your company environment..

During the installation of phenolic sanitary cabins, It is possible to choose whether you want to leave a space at the top or bottom, in only one of the parts or eliminate any possible gap. This choice will also influence the final aesthetic appearance..


Do you need sanitary cabins, testers, separation of bathrooms in Tarragona?

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